Padmore Global Enterprises LLC is the servicing vision company for the initiatives of The Padmore Legacy.  Services provided are part of the core fabric of the founder’s imagination and include (click blue links for more information):


{ Speaking

As a speaker, author, coach, mentor & publisher, I have to currently be encouraging others to see the possibilities. Phase two requires formulation of a strategic plan to showcase those things that are capable of being executed. The outcome is always priceless in the process of positive change.



Personal Growth

Professional Development

Relationship Coaching

Communication Skills

Confidence & Personal Power

Strategic Thinking

Achieving Balance

Organization & Productivity



{ Book Publishing

Many people know how to write books and publish in this age of literature. Our books are topic-specific to our speaking and coaching engagements. Self-talk is everything. I turned my principles into a book '40 Quote For Successful Living' and converted that book into a broadcast opportunity and workshop bootcamp that has touched the world.



{ Broadcasting



{ Edutainment


Many of us grew up in church. I have never been to a church service where they did not have music while educating the congregation about Biblical principles and life. 



{ Sports & Health


Entrepreneurs need to be healthy in order to be consistent.  Our sports medicine world is filled with naturopathic solutions to many ailments affecting the human body. In today's society, innovative efforts that merge scientific theory with medical facts are part of our world. As an empowerment platform, we leave no stone unturned to facilitate the health and longevity of our vision and physical life. 


Our healthcare initiative includes merging the medical foundations with herbalist medicine which has always been an inclusive part of my Caribbean culture. You will find innovative solutions through our herbal affiliate Quantum Natural Health



{ Construction Industry Initiatives


Building the foundation for a home requires water. You can't build a building without brick and mortar and unifying the two requires water. As a speaker, author, trainer, coach and publisher, I pride myself on entrepreneurial collaboration as opposed to being concerned about the competition. I find this way of life to be more fruitful and productive to team building. 


To this end, we collaborate with those we teach, train, and motivate because we know they have a built-in AAA rating. They have the right attitude to foster activity that builds a cohesive atmosphere for us to take action as a collaborative venture.


In our world, we chose the pioneering innovation of Mr. Jeffery Cuffy and his team. We share a similar mindset regarding spirituality and we are derived from Caribbean culture. In our world that spells collaboration, commitment, consistency, credibility, and our version of CARICOM around the world. 



{ Entrepreneurship





About us


The Padmore Global Enterprise brand was established to solidify over forty years of volunteering into the lives of others through speaking and professional development coupled with freelance writing and media representation through non-profit and profit-making ventures.


Being born mute allowed me to be silent while viewing the world's behavior internally. I have used that perspective to grow my value through high school and graduating college as the first college graduate in my family.


The legacy years are upon me. It has always been my desire to be a human service practitioner and I have successfully done that from boyhood into manhood. Now I am connecting the dots to bring the legacy into focus as a service provider. To learn more visit the company blog page on